How do we understand the transformation of raw material into object? How do we value our time and labor in the mill? How do we acknowledge the complex ethics of industrial production while embracing the particularities of this workshop and challenging its machines to produce in new ways? 100 Blankets is a material response to the questions that arose in the beginning stages of The Weaving Mill.

Woven in a numbered edition of 100, these blankets approach industrial production from the perspective of an artist’s studio. While all blankets share the same weave structures, the color striping on each is unique. The blankets were woven using donated deadstock cotton-poly and acrylic yarns--a further exercise in working within the constraints of available materials.

The Weaving Mill will continue to explore the shifting relationships of people to machines, materials to commodities and skill to labor. The proceeds from 100 Blankets fund the next several months of The Weaving Mill’s operation and the initial costs of our next editioned project.

60" x 70"

$125 / SOLD OUT