A Very Big Blanket, is in fact, a very big blanket. As such, it has a myriad of possible uses. Some suggestions:

Take a nap, eat a hot dog, read the newspaper, finish a crossword puzzle, beat your lover at scrabble, clip your toenails, stretch your legs, roll back and forth, dance the lambada, get a haircut, lick a popsicle, smoke some grass, feed a baby, sigh, hump around, photograph your thighs, order a pizza, massage a friend's shoulder, make a human tower, scratch a scab, recite poetry, teach a lesson, make a sun shield, bounce a ball, sell kittens, smooch, yell at some bugs, host a panel discussion, wiggle, wait, watch fireworks, hold hands, change a diaper, make a sandwich, get a sunburn, stare at a bonfire, watch the sunrise, pretend you're a ghost, practice the harmonica, slice open a melon, bump and grind, collect sand, paint with watercolors, draw with burned sticks, wrestle, give a toast, howl.

An exploration of color relationships, scale, and the fundamental fact that most blankets begin as one very long blanket, AVBB considers the transformation of a length of fabric into a usable object. Woven using deadstock poly-cotton and acrylic yarns, each blanket has a unique striping rhythm determined by lengths of leftover and discarded yarns. Let us not forget that Irregularity is a Fact of Life.

AVBB comes in three (3) sizes, listed below. All blankets come with a convenient carrying sack. Proceeds from the sales of AVBB will support TWM as we produce our next editioned project, prepare for our first gallery show, and continue to develop our educational programs in partnership with Envision Unlimited.

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.


Very Big : 90" x 90" / $185

Very Very Big: 180" x 90" / $370

Very Very Very Big : 270" x 90" / $555