Here is our layout proposal, we are going to use the case to play with some tropes of advertising, window display, etc, using AVBB as the product. We broke it up by the panels. Most of the glass will be painted with neon orange paint. 

Panel 1: painted orange, vinyl lettering in navy blue: THE WEAVING MILL (letters approx 7" tall)
Panel 2: A viewing window reveals a very tightly packed grid of blankets in bags. Think convenience store soup can/potato chip display
Panel 3: A viewing window reveals blankets tumbling through space. You are looking in the window of the dryer at the Laundromat
Panel 4: A viewing window with a blanket stretched flat, creating a little tent space to clearly display three blankets-in-bags. We were thinking it would be interesting to have the blanket bend at a right angle, so we would hang the blanket such that it bends in space
Panel 5-8: A triangle viewing window, shaped sort of like an outline of a blanket-in-perspective, showcasing A Very Very Very Big Blanket which is 21' long. It will start out flat on the floor on the left and then fold up towards the peak on the right. Below is vinyl text, navy blue: Take a nap, eat a hot dog, read the newspaper, finish a crossword puzzle, beat your lover at scrabble, clip your toenails, stretch your legs, roll back and forth, dance the lambada, get a haircut, lick a popsicle, smoke some grass, feed a baby, sigh, hump around, photograph your thighs, order a pizza, massage a friend's shoulder, make a human tower, scratch a scab, recite poetry, teach a lesson, make a sun shield, bounce a ball, sell kittens, smooch, yell at some bugs, host a panel discussion, wiggle, wait, watch fireworks, hold hands, change a diaper, make a sandwich, get a sunburn, stare at a bonfire, watch the sunrise, pretend you're a ghost, practice the harmonica, slice open a melon, bump and grind, collect sand, paint with watercolors, draw with burned sticks, wrestle, give a toast, howl.
Panel 9-12: Flat-screen monitors pushed up against the glass, with looping animated gifs, BIG BLANKET rolling down the hill, PEOPLE rolling the blanket back up the hill, Corner LABELS flickering, BLANKET folding itself and rolling up into its bag. Think those videos that eyebrow threading parlors use to catch your eye. Like that. But about blankets

SAIC Department of Fashion Design Display Case / October 2016