Kelly Kuykendall is an interdisciplinary artist currently living and working in Philadelphia, PA. She received a BA in Studio Art from Lewis & Clark College and her MFA in Fibers & Material Studies from Tyler School of Art. Through drawings, collage, and installation, she plays with the representation of domestic spaces to dismantle American ideologies.



During the first week of her W.A.R.P. residency, Kelly created a series of drawings at The Art Institute of Chicago. These drawings focused on representations of domestic spaces and furniture from different design periods. Using these drawings as a template and a range of found materials, she created a zine, a quilt, experimental weavings and collages.



Kelly worked with the Envision artists to create a Dream Home. The artists brought the installation to life by creating different elements of the home (art, plants, place settings, pets, entertainment system) through techniques such as stamp printing, fabric painting, drawing and collage. At the end of the month participants had a popcorn party, listened to Boyz II Men, and shared laughs in the installation.