Everything produced at TWM is a collaboration: this means research, sampling, and development are some of the most important parts of the process. Each round of sampling results in 6-12 original swatches. In our experience, it takes at least three rounds of sampling to land on the right combination of materials, structure, pattern, hand and color for the project.


We sample on a 16 harness compu-dobby floor loom. We have two industrial 16 harness dobby looms. Our 1983 loom weaves 90" width fabric and uses punchcards, limiting the types of structures we can weave on it. Our 2005 loom weaves 60" width fabric and has a digital programming system, allowing for a wider range of structures. All our looms are set at 24 ends per inch straight draw, meaning that all the swatches we produce in the sampling phase are translatable to the production looms.


Our looms are warped custom for each project, allowing for a great deal of flexibility in warp design. Our production warping minimum is 50 yards/beam. If your project calls for a warp material we haven't worked with, we require a 50 yard sample warp to ensure the material weaves well on our looms. Our maximum length per beam is 500 yards.


Price per yard on the final fabric fluctuates depending on materials used and quantity produced. We enjoy talking through ideas and working within limitations, so please be clear with us about your budget and we will do our best to work within it. Once we begin the sampling process, we can give firmer production estimates as we develop a better sense of the project.


From the first round of samples to the finished bolt of fabric, you should allow six to nine months for this collaboration. Given that every project is unique, sampling, material sourcing and weaving will all have their own rhythm.